Raspberry Pi PiTFT Weather Station

IMG_5218More tinkering with the wonderful Adafruit 2.8″ Touchscreen TFT module (PiTFT) for the Raspberry Pi.  This time a weather station drawing data from weather.com.

Luckily there’s a wonderful python module to extract data from three popular weather services; python-weather-api supports NOAA, Yahoo! Weather and weather.com.  This makes life so much easier. Continue reading

Displaying Raspberry Pi Truetype Fonts


I’ve been enjoying tinkering about with AdaFruit’s PiTFT 2.8″ touchscreen for the Raspberry Pi.  Working out how to display text and graphics on the screen using the frame buffer with, Python, my programming language of choice.  It took little research to get text to display on the frame buffer.  It took a little more to work out how to identify and list installed Truetype fonts. So I thought I’d post the code I used to list the Truetype fonts installed on a Raspberry Pi in case it proves helpful to others. Continue reading

Raspberry Pi Photo Frame


Our last digital photo frame died a little while ago.  I did some research for a replacement and decided that none really did what I wanted.  Plus, this sounded like a perfect project. The most obvious candidate for the heart of the project is the Raspberry Pi.  There are lots of options for suitable screen from small to large TFT panels.  However, this version is intended as a proof of concept & so keep the costs down in case it turns out to be a disaster.  Adafruit do a fantastic little 2.8″ touch screen TFT panel that nicely mounts onto the Raspberry Pi GPIO.  Both can be enclosed in a variant of the lovely PiBow case. Finally, the project needed to run over WiFi so it could be positioned anywhere in the house.  If this project proved successful a larger screen could be purchased and this little touchscreen could be used for all sorts of other things.

Continue reading

Gertboard Gallery

A few images of the assembly of the Gertboard for Raspberry Pi. Also, showing off the Olloclip Macro Lens for iPhone 5.

Raspberry Pi Python LCD Class 0.0.1 Release

The earlier post “Clocks – Part 1: HD44780 16X2 LCD” showed connecting a HD44780 16×02 LCD module to the Raspberry Pi and displaying the date and time.

I’ve taken the code to drive the display and made a class so that it can be used in other projects.

In time, I may extend this for other display sizes (20×4), types (graphical) and interfaces (I2C, etc).

At the moment, the class handles the 4 bit HD44780 16×2 Character LCD.  It’s very simple and provides member functions to initialise, clear and write text to each of the 2 lines.

It can be downloaded here.

Unix Daemon Python Library 0.0.1 Released

Another building block I’ve found useful having wanted to have processes run after the terminal session has ceased is the Unix style Daemon process.  This library provides a Python wrapper class.

The code was shamelessly borrowed from Sander Marechal’s “A simple unix/linux daemon in Python”.  Unfortunately his page no longer exists. Continue reading

BMP085 I2C Temperature & Pressure Python Library 0.0.1 Released

This purpose of this library is to read temperature and barometric pressure from the BMP085 I2C sensor.

The datasheet can be found here.

I cannot take credit for the code.  I’ve just wrapped it in a class for my own use and shared it here.  It was shamelessly borrowed from these 2 sources:

The class can be downloaded from the downloads page.