StripDuino Shield Mk1

StripDuino Shield

This post details the design for the shield for use with the StripDuino Mk.2 Arduino clone.

This shield could be used for many things.  My first shield will incorporate a L293D for driving some motors for our first robot project.

Hopefully there will be plenty more uses in the future.

The design brings out all of the ATMega328′s pins except the Analogue Reference (AREF).  It provides regulated +3.3V & +5V supplies. Continue reading

StripDuino Mk2

StripDuino Mk2

The StripDuino Mk1.5 had a number of flaws.  Mainly in that there was no mechanical design!  How was I going to mount it onto anything?  In working on rearranging the board to include mounting holes and another design that included the L293D for driving some motors I had some ideas for more improvements.  Instead of making a complete board for each project, why not create the StripDuino board plus a shield design?  Then I can make endless shields without having to re-make the processing part each time. Where have I seen this idea before?

So, this version includes the following improvements:

  • Female header sockets for the StripDuino Shield (see future post)
  • Mounting holes
  • +3.3V Regulated Supply
  • DC Power Jack connection

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