Raspberry Pi Python LCD Class 0.0.1 Release

The earlier post “Clocks – Part 1: HD44780 16X2 LCD” showed connecting a HD44780 16×02 LCD module to the Raspberry Pi and displaying the date and time.

I’ve taken the code to drive the display and made a class so that it can be used in other projects.

In time, I may extend this for other display sizes (20×4), types (graphical) and interfaces (I2C, etc).

At the moment, the class handles the 4 bit HD44780 16×2 Character LCD.  It’s very simple and provides member functions to initialise, clear and write text to each of the 2 lines.

It can be downloaded here.

2 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi Python LCD Class 0.0.1 Release

  1. Nice work. I also created a library for the HD44780. Take a look, maybe you like it: https://github.com/dbrgn/RPLCD

    It supports cursor movements, 4 and 8 bit mode, arbitrary display sizes (I tested it with 20×4 but it should also work on 16×2), support for newlines / carriage returns and more. Feedback and testing would be much appreciated.

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