Firstly, a warning.  Most of my experience is as a Software Engineer.  Any hardware designs seem to work for me, but I cannot promise they are perfect.  I will not be held responsible for any personal or material damage caused as a result of using any information on this site.

You have the right to use the code posted at this web site that I have written in your own projects and upon doing so, you the programmer are solely responsible for determining it’s worthiness for any given application or task. I clearly state that the code within these web pages are for learning purposes only and are not guaranteed to conform to any programming style, standard, or be an adequate answer for any given problem. I am not responsible for data loss, hardware damage, or disaster from your use of the code and you indemnify me for any portion of code that may be put to use within your application. I would like acknowledgement if you use any of the code listed within an application but it is not required. Unless otherwise stated or in the event that a snippet of code is written by another person, all code is copyright. In the event that code is posted at this web site that was not written by me, it will only be by permission of the author of the particular code and it is your responsibility to check with the author of the code about his/her distribution policies.  Acknowledgments are given to the authors of code not written by me wherever possible.

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